SafeMoon is about 8 days old at the time of this writing and we have already hit some major landmarks.

  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • BSC.News profile up
  • 1400+ holders
  • 80x since launch
  • Over 347T $SAFEMOON taken out of circulation forever

Still a lot more to come, but we are excited about the support by the community and wanted to highlight some of the important announcements that will be coming.

What the hell is DxSale and why you should always keep an eye out for tokens listing using this fair-launch protocol. Well, with so many rugs appearing on BSC lately, someone had to do something. This is where DxSale comes in. DxSale Protocol allows initial coin offerings to be held in a guarded venue with rules. Rule 1) Any and all presale profits generated during the presale will automatically be transferred from the presale address into the LP on PancakeSwap without the sketchy devs having anything to do with it… This is guaranteed with the function of the DxSale contract…

Once there was a Dev….

He believed that there was a way to create a self-regenerating automatic liquidity providing protocol that would pay out static rewards to holders and penalize sellers. He had a vision…..

With the creation of a smart contract, and a safe launch via DxSale, the impossible became a possibility. This dev has some great things in store for the community here, and we believe there is a way to foster trust in the contract by remaining 100% committed to transparency and honesty!

First, we would burn all of the Dev tokens and provide all liquidity to…

SafeMoon Protocol

Enjoy your ride to the moon safely!

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